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SpillSmart FloorSweep 10KgSpillSmart FloorSweep 10Kg

SpillSmart FloorSweep 10Kg




SpillSmart FloorSweep is manufactured from a special selection of Australian grown organic cellulose products. These naturally occurring fibrous materials are blended and processed to produce a range of absorbents that quickly absorb a wide variety of liquids including petroleum, oils, fuels, solvents, cooking oils, sewage, protein fluids and other messy liquids that could pollute or contaminate the work area and the environment. SpillSmart FloorSweep Absorbent should not be used on strong acid or alkaline solutions.

Because of it’s strong ‘wicking effect’ SpillSmart FloorSweep Absorbent is able to rapidly encapsulated liquids so that they cannot leach back into the environment. All SpillSmart absorbents have been tested for and pass stringent international liquid release standards. In many regions, SpillSmart Absorbents can be disposed of to landfill, however this is subject to local regulations.